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Minecraft FPS Map

Minecraft FPS Map

We present to your attention a new exciting map shooter for the first-person game. This is a new map for gamers who like battles with 3D weapons. Please note that in order for the addon to work correctly, you must use the ActualGuns 3D addon in your world. This map is available for the multiplayer game mode. Also, here you can find nine different fun game modes, three-game types, and five different maps. A custom map designer is also available.

The game starts with a lobby where you can customize certain game parameters, such as mode, game type, and others. Also, as mentioned earlier, this game supports up to eight players. Some of the maps are designed for 2x2 or 1x1 games. Here players can choose one of nine available game modes, game types, and the number of kills to which the game will last. On the first floor of the lobby, you will see the More button, by clicking on it you will move to the place where there will be additional modes.

In order to start the game, you need to select a map in the room with maps, then select the type of game in the green field, and the game mode in the red. Then press the purple button to start the game, Start!

Minecraft FPS Map (1)

We invite you to discover all five maps that are available to each player.

To train the accuracy of shooting, players can shoot in a special place, this is a shooting range where players can test different weapons.

Also, in the field where you press the button to start the game, you can find additional map settings such as weather, day, night, sunrise or sunset, and so on.

Please note that on each map players can find a special restart button!

Minecraft FPS Map (2)

Minecraft FPS Map (3)

Minecraft FPS Map (4)

Minecraft FPS Map (5)

Minecraft FPS Map (6)

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