Imagine that your Minecraft world is now not the same as before, that now everything in your world is slower. This is something like slow motion only during gameplay. Thanks to the TAS (Tool-assisted speedrun) tool, players can play in the Minecraft world with slow movement, including falling from a height. That is why we present you with a new PvP map called TAS PvP.

A tool-assisted speedrun is used to slow down certain processes in the game, but at the same time maintain the usual speed of interaction of players with other items and objects. Slow action will now complicate your battle and give the game slowdown effects that will also diversify your game and make it more fun.

For those who still do not understand what it is, this is a high-speed passage of the game using the built-in tools of the emulator, such as saving and overwriting, slowing down and frame-by-frame input, viewing the contents of memory, and analyzing the executable code.

The idea behind TAS is to transcend the limitations of human reaction and player abilities in order to reach the theoretical limits of the game, that is, the limits of the real possibilities of the game engine. The main goal of working on TAS is to create entertaining videos that show the full walkthrough of the selected game. Let's take a look at the features of the new map.

Your game will start by sleeping in a special place called the Lobby. As always, this is the place where players prepare for battles against each other or some kind of competition. You need to invite your friends and wait until they are all ready.



After all, players are ready, the player needs to press a button in order to start the battle. Please note that in order for all players to have the same survival conditions, all players are given two steaks, which they can use for healing, and two stacks of wool. After pressing the button, all players will be teleported to the arena.

The new arena is a unique map that was made up of four different color blocks of chunks. We also draw your attention to the fact that the entire map is closed at the edges with special barriers that will not allow players to fall down or leave the map. The new arena consists of different unique blocks of different dimensions of the Minecraft world.

This map is presented in the form of an arena that consists of four different kinds of different biomes. All objects and structures that have been added to this map have been resized, in other words, reduced. Objects and structures on the map have been moved from areas such as overworld, end, and the nether world.



A feature of this map is a slow fall from the height and fatigue of mining.

Once there is one winner left, just press the button and reset the map.


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