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MCR Foundation Map

MCR Foundation Map

Have you ever explored any secret places or secret research centers before? For those who have not done this before, we recommend trying it because it is very interesting and exciting, it is also a new experience and new adventures in which uncertainty and danger can await you everywhere. That is why we present you with a new map called MCR (Mine Craft Research) Foundation.

This is a large secret research center in which they are engaged in both keeping in special chambers and researching various secret creatures and phenomena, both good and evil. All this was done with the aim of gaining new knowledge on how to fight different monsters and also simply gaining new valuable knowledge that can later save humanity. Explore all laboratories and rooms of this research center.

Please note that this map is large enough and it will take you a lot of time to discover all that is hidden inside. Also, players are advised to use devices with good performance as devices with low performance can glitch and lag.

Explore all ground and underground halls, rooms, laboratories, and more!

MCR Foundation (1)

MCR Foundation (2)

MCR Foundation (3)

MCR Foundation (4)

MCR Foundation (5)

MCR Foundation (6)

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