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System Wyverns Add-on 1.20+

System Wyverns Add-on

Wyverns in Minecraft can be added to your game through the mod System Wyverns. These mythical creatures, similar to dragons but with a pair of legs, introduce a new level of adventure. However, be cautious as these formidable and large creatures are not as gentle as rabbits. To tame one as a loyal pet, you will have to take the risk.

Note that Wyverns can only be tamed while they are young. Each creature has three types of attacks, so you must be vigilant.

Wyvern Knives
There are three types: Poisonous, Withering, and Icy. Each type inflicts its own effect upon hitting.
- Damage: 6
- Durability: 700
For crafting, you will need Wyvern Claws, which drop from the dragons themselves.

Crafting Recipes
System Wyverns Add-on 1.20+

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