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New Adventure Plus Add-on 1.20+

New Adventure Plus Add-on

The New Adventure Plus mod fills the world with a bunch of new things. Mobs, food, old ideas and concepts — this addition collects literally everything possible. In addition to new items, the build will also take care of improving old features, mob behavior, and more.

Chest with all items
Lots of items from this addon
Command: /structure load chest_addons ~ ~ ~
New Adventure Plus Add-on 1.20+

NEW update

Monster Deep Caves.
Spawn: deep caves in the water.
Deadly and dangerous.
Was once chosen as a new mob in the voting, but lost to Phantom.

Generated all over the world.
Here are the remains of miners, farmers, and other villagers.
If you dig, you can find a button from their clothes.

Brown Spider.
Spawn: Deep caves.
Effect: Drying.
Drop: Special Eye

Spawn: Water

Basalt Worm.
Was once a strider concept.

Spawn: rivers, beaches, lakes, oceans
Drop: claw with meat (can be cooked)
Beach species can wear a nautilus shell
Breeding: seagrass, dried kelp, and tropical fish
Mushroom crab available, which eats mushrooms and breeds red mushroom or seagrass

Improved beach
Beaches filled with palm trees and coconuts

White Endermen
Spawn: The Distorted Forest
Based on the myths from version 1.8
Extremely Rare

End Nightmare.
Phantom version to measure The Edge
Spawn: Edge.
Extremely dangerous mobs.
You can find their nests — they don't care about their offspring.

Cruel Endermen
Extremely rare, but valuable mob because of its drop.

Chorus Fruit Soup
Craft: 3 Chorus fruit and a bowl

Colored Frame
Can be painted in 16 colors
You can create frames with YouTubers
Nice decoration
Kraft: 8 sticks and paper

Red Phantom
Appears at night, even if the player is asleep
Can destroy a sheep farm

Craft: wool, leash, phantom membrane
Can be given any color
Must activate educational mode

Ice Bomb
Craft: 4 ice and snow balloon

New plant with dye
You can make soup
It is said that there is also a blue species

Cactus flower
A new plant with dye
You can make soup

A tower in the mesa.
Rumor has it that valuable things can be found here.

A taiga bear.
Will guard the forest.
Quite strong.
Spawn: the forest

Skeleton Drowned
New kind of skeleton that sleeps in seas and oceans

Copper Armor
Similar protection to iron, but significantly lower toughness

Skin from Rotten Flesh
Skin can now be obtained from rotting flesh with a few conversions

Item with hunger effect
Can be acquired in Creation Mode
Imposes hunger

New Biscuit Type
Two kinds: Sweet Berry and Glowing Berry

Remember to enable this:

Changes in the new version

Added RTX support
Added Viking Helmet
Updated armor textures
Added Apple blocks
Updated textures
Added food
Added weapons
Fixed bugs

New Adventure Plus Add-on 1.20+

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