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Minecraft Lost Votes Add-on 1.18

Minecraft Lost Votes Add-on

Over the course of the creation and update of Minecraft, the developers offered many new mobs, biomes, and items. Naturally, not all were added, as the community actively voted for one of several options. Such voting takes place every year, and more and more things come up that the developers will never add again. To learn more about the forgotten features and try them in-game, use the Minecraft Lost Votes mod.

Spawn: mesa, plateau, savannah
Is hostile at night
Eats items
Can give raw meat to get his items
Drops: Feathers and raw poultry meat
Minecraft Lost Votes Add-on 1.18

Spawn: Mesa, Plateau
Sometimes gets stuck
Sticks fall out

Prickly Pear Cactus
Spawn: desert and plateau
Crushes opuntia fruits in final growth stage
Deals collision damage
Restores 2 hunger to the fruit
Can be planted in a pot

Spawn: Savannah, Mesa, Plateau
Scares the player
Tame by termites
Once tamed, starts looking for gifts for the player in the sand or ground
Can be given opuntia to speed up the growth of babies

Spawn: Desert and Beaches
Made up of jungle wood

Spawn: savannah, mesa, plateau
Likes to eat termites
Quickly gets spooked and sticks its head in the sand
Breeds with termites
Drops: meat and eggs.
Eggs can be used to raise an ostrich.

Spawn: Savannah, mesa, plateau.
Sometimes leaves the nest to build a new nest
Eats wood near the nest
Breeds with sugar
Can be cooked

Termite nests
Spawn: Savannah
Termite can fall out when hoeing a block

Spawn: Savannah
Made up of acacia trees.

Spawn: lush caves
Hides and hides in the moss.
Can eat your stuff

Spawn: Nether Fortress
Ifrit can turn into wildfire by accident
Shields lock and grant immunity in close combat
Mob is vulnerable while applying abilities
Spawns Ifrites
Drop: Crown (immune to fire)

Monster of the Deep Seas
Spawn: Oceans
Extremely fast in the water
Grabs prey and drags it into the depths
Dolphins can save you
Drop: Fang of a barnacle
The fang can be used to make a trident
Fangs can be found in a sunken treasure

Ice Bandit
Spawn: Cold Biomes
Fires blocks of ice
Drop: Ice, dense ice, snow, jewels, or ice staff
Staff grants mob abilities to player

Buttercup Cow
Sleeps in mountain meadows or flower forests
Loves flowers and bee hives
Breeds with bee hives
Can make honey with an empty flask
Likes to interact with bee hives
Can be sheared to produce a yellow flower
Drops: Meat, Skin, and Yellow Flower

The author did not give a description of the mob, but it is already known to all

Brass Golem
Can be crafted from rarestone, copper bars, and thunderbolts.
Likes pushing buttons
Can help with building automated farms
Interact with bee honeycombs to keep the mob from oxidizing
In the final stage of oxidation becomes articles

Generation: -60 - Level 30
Can create blocks
Can be used to trade with a wandering merchant
Can be found in villages, towns, and caves

Can store 16 items
Craft: Leather and Thread
Can be found at tanners or on fishing trips.
Beware of Vultures or Bigfoots.
Can be placed in the left hand.
Press the item until arrows appear that tell you the bag is open
You can put things in an open bag
You must use the item in your hand to retrieve items from the bag

You can find archaeological digs all over the world
Using the brush, you can find useful items inside the excavation
Available 6 ceramic shards from which you can create clay pots

Tracked Tractor
Author did not give a description

Birch Forest
Improved Forest
This is where the mobs from this add-on appear
Lots of flowers
The biome begins to rot at night, so try to light it up

Give atmosphere to swamp biomes, forests and caves
Disappear in the daytime
Make sounds

Cave vaults
Appear below ground level
You can find ore and wool in the barrels

Holds 16 arrows
Is dropped from skeletons, zymogors, and pyglins.
Gives a bit of protection
Can be found in villages

Giant Zombie
6 blocks high
Spawn: Everywhere (rare)
Doesn't burn during the day
Damage: 15
Health: 100
Drop: Rotten Flesh
Breaks most blocks

Spawns in raids or a forest mansion
Summons clones
Casts hunger, blindness, nausea
Drop: Magic Bow

Killer Rabbit
Health: 20
Damage: 20
Spawn: Everywhere

Crystallized Honey
Produced by melting bee honeycombs

Use pigman name tag on piglin

Spire of the Nether World
Originally, there was no hell in the game
Instead there was a Lower World Reactor, which created a hell biome in the normal world
There will be pigman zombies inside

Changes in the new version
Added new mobs
Added items
Added builds
Improved mob behavior
Improved textures
Repainted all items

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