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Infinite Desert Add-on 1.14+

Infinite Desert Add-on 1.14+

A new addon that changes the familiar world of Minecraft for one big desert. This means that absolutely all the land in the Minecraft world will look like one huge and endless desert. Previously, there was something similar, but unfortunately, it stopped updating from 1.12.

This is a great opportunity to test your survival skills because the conditions for survival will be difficult. Here you will have almost no food and any greens. We all know and understand what the desert is, for many players this addon will seem boring, but for many players, it will certainly be an excellent experience and an opportunity to improve their survival skills.

When wandering through a new desert world, you have the opportunity to meet one of the villages on your way. (We draw your attention to the fact that the villages will not quite correspond to the desert in appearance and environment, since the village is already an integral part of the Minecraft world with an invariable view, that's why you should not be surprised when you meet an oak in the village ...).

Infinite Desert Add-on 1.14+

The total rendering size of the desert is 200 chunks.

Players have the opportunity to get some sugarcane in places where there will be water.

Another object that does not quite fit into the desert environment is the ship:

Below you can see one of the lakes in the middle of the desert with algae:

In the new desert world, there are spikes of mesa and ice. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed.

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