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EggWars Map (PvP) (Minigame)

EggWars Map (PvP) (Minigame)

New amazing PvP mini-game, which is available for big amount of players, from 2 - 16 persons, it is called EggWars! The main aim of each player is to protect their eggs from opponents, all players will spawn on an island. In order to win in this game, you should destroy the eggs of your opponents. These eggs is very useful items, it gives you opportunity to re-spawn in case if you die.

Description of playing process

In order to play this mini-game, should be not less than 2 players, please note that the maximum amount of players is 16.

Your first aim, when you will spawn on island, is to get mineral from generator. In order to get some weapon, some blocks, armor or any other item, trade by minerals with villager. Also note, that each player able to improve his generators, for what ? For getting minerals in faster way.

The main aim, is to save and protect your eggs, which is located on your island. In order to win, destroy their eggs and kill your opponents.

After some team will win, you can reset the map in one minute.

EggWars Map (PvP) (Minigame)

Last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
Last Minecraft PE BETA version
EggWars Map (PvP) (Minigame)

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