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Bow Wars Map

Bow Wars Map

Do you like PvP battles with friends? If so, then the new PvP map is exactly what you need. This map will also be of interest to fans of long-range battles. The new map allows players to fight with their friends in a special PvP location. The battles between players will only be with the use of weapons such as a bow and everything connected with it.

To survive in this battle, it is recommended to occupy a high point on this map, as this allows you to see more enemies and kill as many opponents as possible.

The maximum number of players allowed on this map is 10!

It is a very dynamic and fun game and also a great way to experience new experiences using your bow and arrow.

Below you can see the PvP location, as well as the place where you will receive your equipment, namely weapons and armor. Players have access to such items as a stone sword, bow, arrows, crossbow, shield, golden apple, iron helmet and boots, leather leggings, and a chest plate.

Below are screenshots of the high points in this map for a better overview:

Bow Wars (1)

Bow Wars (2)

Bow Wars (3)

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