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Crossbow vs. Bow Map

Crossbow vs. Bow Map

We present you with a very interesting and fascinating mini-game for two players! A new mini-game called Crossbow vs. Bow! As you already understood, this is a mini-game for battles using a bow or crossbow. For a better experience and to make the game more interesting for all players, a training area will be available on which you can understand the mechanics of shooting from one of these types of weapons. Practice accuracy and archery or crossbow shooting, choose the weapon that you will best use for battles with your friend.

A new mini-game is a good way to test your existing skills or to get new archery or crossbow skills. Choose what is best for you and defeat your opponent.

There are 4 different areas available in the game:

1. For training and practice in shooting;
2. Redstone;
3. Two mini-games for battles.

Below you can see how some areas in the game look like:

Crossbow vs. Bow Map

How does it work?

Players can use this mini-game at their own discretion. For those who already have experience of archery or crossbow shooting, it can be like training or a battle, for those who do not have experience using these types of weapons this can be a new experience, a way to gain experience for further battles using a bow or crossbow.

Invite your friends and play together, but before each new game, do not forget to press the reset button so that the mini-game is restarted and everything is ready for a new match. To practice or to gain new experience, you just need to take a bow and arrows and press the button next to the area of this weapon.

Another option for the game is to choose a bow or crossbow, choose one of the available kits, and start the battle. Please note that three different types of kits will be available in the game. The first, second and third are distinguished by the strength of the armor and some features.

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