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Parkour Training 1 2020 Map

Parkour Training 1 2020 Map

We present you with a very interesting and exciting parkour map for those who would like to improve their skills. This is a special training parkour map that allows players to improve their parkour skills by overcoming various obstacles, ranging from the easiest to the most difficult. This map will be very useful for players who have just started to improve their parkour skills, as well as for experienced players it will be a good place to practice skills or even gain new experience.

The new map is a great place to train parkour. Here players can use the timer to try to pass certain obstacles at the best time each time. If you don't like the time it took you to make your way, reset the timer and start over. This is the place for those who also love new challenges. Try to complete this map in record time. Players will have access to different areas, such as jumping and speed, as well as a checkpoint. Also, here you will see a large number of different types of jumps.

Perhaps this is one of the best parkour training maps for you and your friends!

Parkour Training 1 2020 (1)
Parkour Training 1 2020 (2)
Parkour Training 1 2020 (3)

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