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Spectrum Shaders Shaders

Spectrum Shaders

Spectrum shaders are a great addition for most devices that use Minecraft. Unfortunately, such amazing graphics can be tried only by Android users, but in the future the author plans to develop a build for Windows 10. Below are the screenshots, so you can see for yourself how elaborate and detailed the add-on is.

World palette
Bright lighting
Nice and realistic sky
Shadow (under blocks)
Realistic water
Waves and rippling water
Shaking leaves and plants
Reflection of the sun in the water (sunrise/sunset)
Fog in the Nether and End

Sunset effect
Spectrum Shaders Shaders

Daytime and nighttime colors

Water color



Changes in the new version
The night has become darker
More stars
Water has been updated
Water color improved
Fixed bugs
Improved shade palette

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