Voxel Shaders

Voxel Shaders

Would you like to improve the look of your Minecraft world, make it smoother, more enjoyable, and realistic? Or maybe you tried to use such packs of textures from which the game was buggy or crashed? Due to the poor performance of the device, some players cannot use good texture packs for their Minecraft world, which is why we present you with a very interesting texture pack whose shaders change the usual textures of the world and make it more realistic by adding new textures with high-quality color rendering and some other features High Quality.

In the new texture pack, players can see unique shaders for ores, environments, natural effects, and more!

Below you can see all the useful and interesting features of the shader.

Shader Features:

Please note that players can configure all the functions of this shader, you can activate and deactivate them in the file settings.

1. Waves: Players can customize water waves:

Activated waves:

Water waves = ON

Deactivated waves:

 Water waves = OFF

2. Caustics (realistic rays in the Minecraft world that do not converge at one point):

Realistic Caustic

3. Vignette:


4. Reflection of the sun and sunlight on water and grass:

Sun Reflection on grass and water

5. Reflection of the sun on the surface of metal blocks:

Sun Reflection on Metallic Blocks

We draw your attention to the fact that you can see all the effects of reflection of the sun and sun rays on grass, water, and blocks of metal only during sunset or sunrise!

6. Ores that emit glow:

Glowing Ores

Note: Please note that before using the new shaders, open the shader settings file in the shader folder. In these settings, players can change the shader settings!

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