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Truly Vanilla RTX Texture Pack

Truly Vanilla RTX Texture Pack

Aren't you tired of your textures in the Minecraft world? Would you like to change the textures of your world and get something new and more beautiful? If you want to transform your world and add more realism and clarity to your textures, then a new Truly Vanilla RTX texture pack that will enhance your existing textures using ray tracing and physically based rendering, in other words, RTX and PBR, is exactly what you need.

For those who do not know what RTX and PBR are, we will tell you below. You will definitely like this texture pack, how it will look, and about other features of this pack you can also find out below.

Features of the Truly Vanilla RTX texture pack

Earlier we talked about the fact that the new texture pack uses technologies such as RTX and PBR, which adds to your world more realism and clarity in the details of different blocks.

PBR is an acronym for physically based rendering, which roughly means physically correct rendering, and these words speak for themselves. It is a computer graphics technique that allows objects to be displayed more faithfully by simulating the flow of light in the real world.

As for RTX, this is one of the methods of geometric optics, the study of optical systems by tracking the interaction of individual rays with surfaces. In other words, it is a technology for constructing images of three-dimensional models in computer programs, in which the backward trajectory of the beam propagation is traced.

The new texture pack is a new fascinating experience that changes your view of all the blocks that exist in the Minecraft world, including structural and command blocks.

This pack of textures allows players to use new textures in their world and use new possibilities of lighting the surfaces of textures of different blocks. These technologies allow players to add more realism to their game. Also, the new texture pack allows players to use different ways of displaying textures in the Minecraft world, use different colors and additional settings for each color of an item or block.

Also, below you can see a big difference between simple custom Vanilla textures and textures using the new texture pack:

1. The rays of the sun:

The rays of the sun

2. Glowing ores:

Glowing ores

3. Purity of water:

Purity of water

4. Glazed terracotta and its glowing features:

Glazed terracotta (1)

Glazed terracotta (2)

5. Hardened clay and its glowing features:

Hardened clay

6. Glasses:


7. The educational mode of the game gives all players the opportunity to discover new blocks and mirrors:


And other additional features of this texture pack:

By activating the Global Settings, players can also see new building blocks that can also be used for the game. Please note that they are available only when the Education mode setting is activated. Select blocks of elements and activate the texture pack in World settings.

Truly Vanilla RTX (1)

Truly Vanilla RTX (2)

Truly Vanilla RTX (3)

Truly Vanilla RTX (4)

Please note that the new blocks do not affect the gameplay, therefore they were added only for the educational mode in order to gain a new experience or use them for your creative ideas.

Attention: You can use the additional add-ons below to add other improvements and features to your world, but you must use them to work correctly only on top of the main package.

Changes in the new version
Improved the look of the blocks
Changed all elements
Fixed bugs
Remove unnecessary elements

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