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1.18 X-RAY Texture Pack

1.18 X-RAY Textures

We don't think anyone needs to explain how the 1.18 X-RAY textures work. They allow you to see certain blocks through others. You can easily find diamonds or emeralds, even if they are deep under dozens of layers of stones. Such features make it much easier to survive in Minecraft. You will almost no need to waste time looking for valuable materials. It's enough to make your way to them and extract precious resources.

Without night vision activation

Night Vision Activation

Smooth lighting without night vision

Smooth lighting with night vision

Add on settings
12 modes available

All Ore Visibility

Amethyst Visibility

Coal Visibility

Iron Visibility

Emerald Visibility

Redstone visibility

Visibility lapis lazuli

Gold visibility

Diamond visibility

Visibility Nether blocks

Visibility Netherite

Changes in the new version 1.0.1
Updated X-Ray for Minecraft 1.18 adding all the new blocks!
Updated Performance on lower end devices!
Updated some of the Splashes and Loading Screen messages.

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