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New Glowing Ore Texture

New Glowing Ore texture

If you often have problems with ore in caves, then try the New Glowing Ore textures. After installing this add-on in Minecraft Pocket Edition, it will be very difficult for you to miss the ore among the stones. Blocks of all kinds of ore will be illuminated, and even shimmer if you want. Use this build to make sure you don't miss any ore in the caves at all times.

Iron Ore (in the deep shale)
Diamond Ore (in deep shale)
Redstone Ore (in deep shale)
Gold Ore (in deep shale)
Emerald ore (in deep shale)
Coal Ore (in deep shale)
Lapis lazuli ore (in deep shale)
Copper ore (in deep shale)

Quartz ore
Ancient Wreckage
Lower World Gold
Distorted and purple shaft
Crimson Fungus

Dead Chorus Flower

Magma and Blackstone

Boiling rack and mob spawner

Crying Obsidian

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