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Minecraft 1.17.0 for Android

Minecraft 1.17.0 for Android

And here is the new exciting Mountain update Minecraft Bedrock 1.17.0 for Android. This information is collected from various verified information sources about the upcoming Mountain update. New mobs, biomes, locations, and much more in the new Minecraft 1.17.0 update!

How was the selection of biome in Minecraft BE

Developers from Mojang Studios created a vote in their Twitter account to select a biome for the Minecraft Bedrock update. The choice was made between three old and boring biomes such as Mesa desert, swamps, and mountains.

Players' thoughts about the next updates and expectations were asked for a reason because not long after that there was an annual event called Minecon, where the developers shared a lot of interesting information with the players about upcoming updates, snapshots, and promo videos. Everyone is waiting for the upcoming changes.

What biome won the vote?

After a similar vote at Minecon in 2018, the taiga won, in which red foxes and berries were added. But what biome did the players turn their attention to this time?

In order for a specific biome to be selected in the voting, players began to register and create hundreds of new accounts on Twitter.

Minecraft 1.17.0 for Android

Mesa biome began to lose in the vote because it is already quite interesting and has colored clay everywhere, as well as different mines. Isn't it better than to turn your attention to another biome that needs updating?

As one would expect, two biomes, a swamp, and mountains reached the final.

Two biomes began to compete among themselves and get ahead of each other with a small difference in votes. At that time, it was difficult to understand which biome would be the winner.

According to the results of the vote, the mountains won!

Most likely, most players gave their preference to the mountains due to the fact that this is one of the most uninteresting and oldest Minecraft biomes in the world.

What can players expect from the Mountain Update?

As you can see from the promotional videos in the official Twitter account of Minecraft developers, they will partially change the generation in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.17.0.

Firstly, the rocks will be very sharp and steep, and will also look like in real life.

Secondly, there is new snow on the peaks. It is unusual in that players can fall down through the snow, which means that your exploration of the mountains will become more exciting and dangerous. You should be careful when traveling through the mountains.

New mobs in the world of Minecraft

Minecraft 1.17.0 will add new mobs such as mountain goats. Maybe the goat will become a new source of food and wool, but killing them will not be easy as they are fast and jump high.

Other biomes

The second in the Minecraft BE will be updated swamps. The developers announced that mangroves will be added, it's like normal groves, only the roots of their trees go deep into the ground.

For traveling through the swamps it will be convenient to craft a new boat with a chest, in which it will be easy to put your loot.

Frogs are small harmless mobs that will now live in swamps. Usually, frogs eat flies, maybe in future updates, they will be added, it would be really cool.

Mesa Desert will be upgraded last. It will become more dangerous because now there will be a bush that can knock you down! The new bush is called tumbleweed. This plant will move in random directions. You can also see cacti with a new texture and flying in the sky predatory and hostile mobs such as vultures. Most likely they will attack the players, as they will also be interested in the drop.

Install the mountain update Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.17.0 players can only after the official release of the game. Follow the article, it will be updated regularly.

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