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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

Not so much time has passed since the recently held Minecraft Live 2020 event, as the developers of the Mojang Studio are already ready to present us with the long-awaited innovations along with the new test version of Minecraft PE! In the new beta of Minecraft Pocket Edition, the long-awaited innovations from the Caves & Cliffs announcement have been added, namely Mountain Goats and Powder Snow.

But before we look at the new beta version with all the innovations and changes, we will answer you a question that must have come to your mind: Why are Caves&Cliffs update to become part of the update in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.16?

The fact is that the Mojang developers decided to add the first Cave changes already in this version 1.16. Everything turned out to be much easier. Since the upcoming update has aroused such great interest from a large number of players, Mojang decided to work on starting to gradually introduce new content into the Minecraft world and, by the official release date, provide players with a fully functional new world without any bugs and glitches.

In order for you to activate the new features, enable the Experimental game mode with the Caves&Cliffs option in the Map Settings.

enable the Experimental game mode

What's new in the beta version of MCPE

In the new update, players can see new animals in their Minecraft worlds such as Mountain Goats, also a new type of snow such as powder snow, and a pretty big number of different bug fixes. This update has a fairly large number of bug fixes, in total, Mojang fixed 53 bugs!

Let's start with the most interesting thing, namely Mountain Goats.

What do we already know about the new animal, namely the Mountain Goats?

This is of course a new mob that will temporarily spawn in the Mountain biome until it gets a new home.

These creatures are also called Mountain Kings, as they move very dexterously and quickly through the mountains. These animals have reduced fall damage. Mountain goats can jump at unexpected moments. They can also push other creatures, for example, the player, from the mountain. They drop the Horn if they hit a tree.

Mountain Goats

Now a new type of snow, namely Powder Snow!

This is truly unique snow and really something new, as it is snow that players can drown in. Temporarily available only in the Inventory of Creative. There is no fall damage. A new type of snow can be used by players as a new trap, as it can suck in the player and let it pass through himself. In order for the player to stay above the snow and not fall through, you need to put on leather boots.

With leather boots, you can easily walk on powder snow. Beforementioned animals such as mountain goats bypass this snow. The texture of powder snow is different from normal snow. If the player gets inside the snow, he will see the texture of the fog.

Powder Snow

Now let's take a look at the new bug fixes below.

As mentioned earlier, in total, Mojang fixed 53 different bugs, but we will tell you about the most significant ones:

  • Fixed crash during a flight in the Minecraft world;
  • Modified the system of reading text from the screen;
  • Fixed disappearing items from double chests;
  • Such item as the Compass is no longer disappears from the hands of players when it is used with Lodestone (if the player is playing in the Creative mode);
  • Fixed generation of Cocoa Beans;
  • Fixed texture of Netherite Leggings;
  • Bees leave the hive only from the front;
  • From now on two Piglins cannot pick up the same item that fell next to them;
  • From now on the villagers are no longer able to steal jobs from each other;
  • Fixed the command:/playsound;
  • The maximum duration of the command /effect from now on is 1000000 seconds;
  • Fixed the texture of the Zombified Piglin;
  • Fixed the Profile screen.

Minecraft PE for Android

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