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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

Just a few hours ago, the Mojang developers presented to the players and all fans of the Minecraft world a new test version of Minecraft PE! Mojang developers have released a new beta version of Minecraft Pocket Edition which is already available to all users of Android operating systems. The new change has over thirty new changes for the Caves & Cliffs update, and also removed support for 32-bit processors.

All this and much more in the new update for Minecraft PE Let's take a closer look at all the changes and fixes in the Minecraft world below.

The already well-known and insidious Powder Snow block has received new changes! Six new changes have been added to the game, as well as some interesting features.

You can see the list of changes below:

1. Use a bucket of powder snow so the Dispenser can place a block of powder snow;
2. If the Skeleton stands on Powder Snow for 45 seconds, it turns into a Stray;
3. Finding the path of mobs in Powder Snow has been fixed;
4. Powder Snow no longer supports Scaffolding;
5. The time of obtaining Powder Snow now coincides with the time of obtaining in Minecraft Java Edition;
6. Players can no longer jump on the surface of Powder Snow and not drown.

Powder Snow

Also, both Caves and Cliffs in the Minecraft world received new changes. Seven new changes have been added to the game that relates to cliffs and caves. The system of generating mountains and caves continues to change further.

Below you can see the list of new changes for both Caves and Cliffs:

1. Infected Deepslate Block can be found in the mountains;
2. A block of copper can be crafted using nine copper ingots;
3. Copper block can now be changed into nine copper ingots;
4. Copper Ore and Copper Deepslate now drop from two to three units of crude copper;
5. The textures of raw copper, iron, and gold have been updated;
6. The textures of the raw copper, iron, and gold block have also been updated;
7. The textures of the compass and clock have been updated.

Caves & Cliffs

General changes

In addition to the above changes in the game, the Mojang developers have added twenty-three more changes to the Minecraft Cave Update. You can see the list of major changes below:

1. Stronghold will be better hidden in large caves;
2. Axolotls no longer move, pretending to be dead;
3. Axolotl no longer pretends to be dead on land;
4. Fixed the process of obtaining Flowering Azalea using Silk Touch;
5. Spore Blossom can no longer survive in the water;
6. Normal and Glow Squid can now make sounds when emitting ink from themselves;
7. The work of the Spyglass has been fixed;
8. Piglins now love Raw gold and Raw gold block;
9. Now falling blocks break when landing on Shulker;
10. The / kick command has been fixed.

Technical changes

Technical changes specifically for add-on developers were also added to the game, as well as changes related to the GameTest Framework.

32bit support

Attention: Please note that this version does not support 32-bit processors. Now there is only support for x64 and x86. In other words, some phones have stopped supporting the game!

We hasten to reassure you, this problem should be fixed in the next update or release. A sufficiently large number of mobile devices are not supported at the moment!

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