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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

And here is the new test version of Minecraft PE, which was released yesterday evening by the developers of Mojang for all the fans of the world of Minecraft. The new version is already available to all users of devices for Android operating systems. In the new update, you will find new different fixes and new useful changes that relate to the upcoming big update namely Caves&Cliffs. Let's take a look at all the new features that the new update bringing to us below, Minecraft

What's new in Minecraft update

The new update brings us a list of new useful fixes and different changes to the game for a big update to the underworld, namely Caves&Cliffs. In total, seventeen important bugs were fixed and over thirty interesting changes were made.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the new changes in the Experimental settings. Most importantly and most importantly, some of the new features are now available without the Caves&Cliffs slider in the game settings (map).

A list of features that are available without using the Caves&Cliffs setting:

1. Axolotl;
2. Glowing Squid, ink, and frames;
3. Deepslate;
4. Amethysts;
5. Lush caves;
6. Pointed Dripstone;
7. Mountain Goats;
8. Copper;
9. Block of moss;
10. Raw ore.

Features of changes for mobs such as Axolotls and Glowing Squids

The spawn condition of these mobs has been changed. Now, these mobs can spawn almost in any existing biome instead of Y30 it can be up to Y63. Also, as mentioned earlier, these mobs can now spawn in the gaming world without using the Caves&Cliffs setting.

Added missing game sounds for axolotls. Also, axolotls will now swim more actively in the water. A bug has been fixed due to which the map in the Glowing Frames did not glow.

Axolotls and Glowing Squids

The next thing we will look at is Powder Snow which is now also available without Experimental Mode. This block is available to players in the inventory of Creative. In case the player uses blocks of a bucket of Powder Snow on the cauldron which will be filled with a block of Powder Snow, then this block will be placed above the cauldron.

Powder Snow

Please note that Cauldron refills during snowy conditions, this can be a convenient way to get the powder snow for players. Please note that almost most of the existing creatures cannot walk and even stand on the top of the Powdered Snow except mobs like foxes.

Do not forget that players can use a bucket in order to collect a new type of snow.


Let's now take a look at all the new changes that were made in the new update MCPE

The developers of the Mojang studio have made about 23 different changes for the upcoming update Caves&Cliffs. You can check some of them below:

1. Improved colors of some textures;
2. Mountain goats do not drop meat;
3. Spyglass and Amethysts are now available to players in the Creative mode;
4. Improved textures for the block of Glowing Lichen.

And many others!

And the last thing in this update is bug fixes.

In general, 17 different bugs were fixed in the new MCPE update. Below you can check the most significant fixes in our opinion:

1. The work of multiplayer games in Minecraft has been fixed;
2. A bug related to underwater fog has been fixed
3. Now boats can be crashed in case if it will be faced with a cactus;
4. Mobs such as Blazes and Endermans can be damaged by the splash of water from the bottle;
5. The screen of loading have been updated;
6. Now all the creatures have certain different sounds while entering the water.

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