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ESBE 3G Shader

ESBE 3G Shader

Are you tired of textures in your world and would like something better but your device doesn't allow it? Then the new shader pack is what you need. The new pack of shaders for Minecraft PE allows players to make their world more beautiful and more enjoyable using the little resources of a mobile device. The new shader pack is called 3G ESBE, this pack is a continuation of the 2G ESBE shader pack.

Now you do not need to worry about the fact that your device with low performance will not be able to support shaders, even an old iPhone 5s is enough for you.

Please note that the main features of the shader were also carried over from the previous version of 2G. The image in the game will become much lighter and softer at the same time making your world more beautiful. Variable color saturation.

Leaves, water, water reflection, flowers, crops, Nether peace gate, and clouds have been updated. Wet effect during and after rain and much more!

ESBE 3G Shader (1)

ESBE 3G Shader (2)

ESBE 3G Shader (3)

ESBE 3G Shader (4)

Please note that this shader pack supports both Android and iOS mobile devices!

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