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Scorpio PE Shaders

Scorpio PE Shaders

We present you with a new pack of shaders for MCPE world which is called Scorpio PE Shaders! The aim of these shaders is making the familiar MCPE world become more realistic, and the player can see for itself because using this shader your world will become more beautiful, and most importantly it will seem more alive.

This is a wonderful shader that adds many different features to the game, each of which is very interesting, for example, shadow, clouds, sunlight, water, leaves, etc.

ATTENTION: Yes, you might think now that your device is not strong enough, but we hasten to please you that this shader pack can also be used on devices with low performance!

At the moment, there are only five features that will continue to be updated. In the future, the developer of this shader pack will improve his creation so that it becomes much better.


1. Improved shadow, which will now be more realistic;
2. Plants that move slightly and become wavier;
3. The water began to look more realistic due to the fact that it moves slightly and as well as growths, wavy;
4. Sunlight has become more realistic;
5. Color light from blocks that emit light.

IMPORTANT: It is supported by both iOS and Android!

Below on the images, you can see how Skorpio PE Shaders 2.0 will look in the game:

Scorpio PE Shaders (1)
Scorpio PE Shaders (2)
Scorpio PE Shaders (3)

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