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Better Fog and Water Colors Texture Pack

Better Fog and Water Colors Texture Pack

With each update, Minecraft PE gets better and better. The game gets more realistic, more alive, and the graphics improve. Despite this, add-ons can still help add atmosphere. For example, the Better Fog and Water Colors texture improves the look of fog and water colors in the game. This change will make each biome special.

The fog changes in each biome differently.

The water changes depending on the temperature. The colder the biome, the darker the water will be.

Fog changes according to the climate of the biome and humidity. Wet biomes, such as jungle, have denser fog. However, even deserts have dense fog, because in addition to fog there are also dust particles in the air.

Changed normal fog.
Denser fog in jungle
In cold biomes frost particles are added to the fog
Dusty fog in Mesa and deserts
Changed fog in lush and karst caves
Changed color of water in all biomes
Water color changes depending on the depth

Better Fog and Water Colors Texture Pack

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