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Brewing Guide UI Texture Pack

Brewing Guide UI Texture Pack

Would you like to simplify the process of brewing in the Minecraft world? If so, then the new Brewing Guide UI texture pack is what you need. The new texture pack allows players to see a potion recipe and its leveled table, as well as additional information about a specific type of potion. Thanks to the new user interface, players can see the recipe for a potion, its levels, but also an additional description of each type of potion.

This pack of textures will be very useful for beginners who have just begun to discover the world of Minecraft and its features in crafting and brewing. Here you will see all the levels of potions described in detail in the information table, which has full information from official sources. To the left of the brewing panel, you will see a table of levels and descriptions of the potion.

Please note that players can use this texture pack for both classic user interface and pocket edition. Also, players can use this texture pack with other resource packs, but please note that other resource packs should in no case change the user interface of the game, this also applies to resource packs from the marketplace.

Below you can see screenshots of how it will look for classic user interfaces and pocket editions:
Brewing Guide UI Texture Pack

In order for players to be able to use this texture pack with other resource packs, you just need to place this texture pack above the others.

Attention: It is possible that this texture pack may not work correctly for the beta version of the game.

Changes in the new version
Added animations
Compatibility with other addons
Compatible with 1.19.80 and 1.20
Changed menu items
Bug fixes

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