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Minecraft Classic Texture Pack

Minecraft Classic Texture Pack

We present to your attention an updated pack of textures for the Minecraft Classic. This pack is an updated version of the previous outdated version of textures. This pack of textures can be useful for artistic purposes and programming by other players, as the classic textures have been updated to match the latest version of the game.

Please note that these textures were not created by Mojang, but by an individual player who improved the previous ones and so that they, in turn, would correspond to the old classic texture style.

The difference between the old texture pack that was posted on the Minecraft Marketplace and the current one is that the updated texture pack has all existing textures, which means that players do not need to download the original texture pack.


Minecraft Classic (1)
Minecraft Classic (2)
Minecraft Classic (3)

Changes in the new version
Changed UUID for each pack so you can download new updates without having to delete the olds.
Fixed player animation.

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