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Old Ore Textures + Deepslate

Old Ore Textures + Deepslate

Do you miss the old look and texture of ores? If yes, and you are a fan of the old world of Minecraft, then the new texture pack is what you need! We present to your attention a new pack of textures for true connoisseurs and players who enjoyed the old world of Minecraft years earlier. A new pack of textures returns back to your world the old textures of the Minecraft world for ore blocks.

The new texture pack changes the current textures to the old ones, please note that all ore blocks will be changed, including the Deepslate ore block.

The new pack of textures will be useful for players who have something to compare with, namely, new textures for guns and old ones, and choose what they like best.

Below you can see the difference between the current textures in the Minecraft world and the new old ones!

The first is the textures in the screenshot before using the texture pack:

Without the pack

The second is the textures in the screenshot after using the texture pack:

With the pack

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