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Brutal Guns Texture Pack

Brutal Guns Texture Pack

We present you with a cool new resource pack for players who like to use ranged weapons, namely the bow and crossbow. The new texture pack replaces the textures of the previous types of weapons with new ones, and also adds new cool sounds. All this gives you the opportunity to feel the real power of weapons in the world of Minecraft.

This resource pack will replace and add a new sound and texture to familiar to all players crossbows with double-barreled shotgun, and the bow with a revolver!

Below you can see how the textures and weapon have changed in the Minecraft world:

1. Double-Barreled Shotguns replaces the textures of the crossbows:

Double-Barreled Shotguns

2. Golden DB Shotgun replaces the textures of the fireworks crossbow:

Golden DB Shotgun

3. Revolver replaces bow textures:


Revolver (1)

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