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Marketplace Hider Resource Pack

Marketplace Hider Resource Pack

Are you tired of annoying ads in the main menu of Minecraft? If so, then this resource pack is what you need. What is he doing? This resource pack completely removes the Marketplace from the main menu. That is, entering the game you will not see it on the main menu. This is perhaps really one of those most useful resource packs that could be applied to Minecraft.

The player still has the opportunity to get worlds, skins and its fragments, and others. This pack removes ads also in the character editor. All of the above functions will be available in the same places in the game as before.

Let's look what will be removed using resource pack:

— Notification New;
— Notification Sale;
— Notification Pack updates;
— Promotions/offers and content promotion have been deleted;
— Unrecognized resource packs;
— Unknown world templates;
— The Subscribe button;
— Button Create have been removed;
— Button Play have been removed;
— The links that transferred players to the Marketplace;
— Everything related to the Marketplace was deleted in the Character Editor;

And many others.

Please note that unfortunately, you cannot completely remove everything, for example, the screen where you are currently buying any items from the Marketplace or a pop-up button Accepted when choosing skins.

IMPORTANT: Remember that this resource pack removes all of the above only when activated, you can return everything at any time as it was before, just turn off the pack in the Settings. After you turn off the resource pack, the Marketplace will be added again to the game.

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