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SniperGlass Texture Pack

SniperGlass Texture Pack

Have you already enjoyed the new features of a new item such as a spyglass? This is a new item that was added to the Minecraft PE version 1.17. The main feature of this item is that using it, players can observe objects at a distance. Thanks to this item, players can zoom in through a special lens and see what is happening at a great distance. But would you like something more functional? For example, a sniper rifle with the same unique properties? If yes, then the new texture pack is what you need.

The new texture pack changes the texture and model of the spyglass to a sniper rifle. Below you can see examples of how it looks in the Minecraft world.

In the screenshot, you can see the changed model of the spyglass to the 3d model of a sniper rifle. This pack allows players to use this item as a weapon for role-playing games or just for battles. Please note that the zoom in a sniper rifle works both in the first person and in the third person.

In order for players to zoom in, it is necessary:

1. For PC devices: Right-click;
2. For mobile devices: Long press on the screen.

When using zoom in, players can see the sniper scope!

SniperGlass (1)

SniperGlass (2)

Attention, we draw your attention to the fact that your character will hold a weapon in his right hand (if your device does not support this texture pack, bugs may appear). In the future, other positions for weapons will be added, as well as animations for shooting while sitting, lying down, and so on.

It is also important to know that this weapon will be visible to players on servers only if this server has such an item as a spyglass, and then only you will see it.

SniperGlass (3)

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