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White Block Outline Texture Pack

White Block Outline Texture Pack

Did you know that after Mojang updated the Render Dragon graphics engine in the Minecraft world on Windows 10, support for shaders stopped, after which, if you noticed, the colored outlines stopped showing at the blocks? For those who would like to fix this and still see the outlines and lines of the block shape, we present a new texture pack that adds a white outline to your world to highlight the block shape. Please note that this texture pack will work correctly for Minecraft version 1.16.200 and higher! This is necessary in order for the textures of the block and the highlight of the block to work correctly.

Below you can see screenshots of how it works in the Minecraft world?

White Block Outline (1)

White Block Outline (2)

This pack supports Android devices!

White Block Outline Texture Pack

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