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How to use a lightning rod?

 How to use a lightning rod in Minecraft PE?

We are glad to welcome everyone to our information resource dedicated to the topic of Minecraft. In today's article, we will tell you about the new feature of the upcoming Minecraft PE 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update. In the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update, as you already know, there are a lot of different features, one of them is a new functional block called the Lightning Rod! This is a new functional block that players can use to deflect lightning strikes and save their buildings. Let's consider the features of this block in more detail below.

How to use the new unique lightning rod block?

As mentioned earlier, in the upcoming summer update MCBE 1.17, namely Caves and Cliffs, all the players will have the opportunity to use a new unique block called the Lightning Rod. This block will allow you to protect buildings from lightning strikes.

You can see how it works right now. But how to do that? Everything is very simple, for this we recommend you to enable the experimental feature: Caves and Cliffs in the world editing, this note is for the players who are using the Minecraft version of the game.

To craft this block, players will need three copper ingots, the crafting recipe is below:

light rod craft

All the players can place the block such as lightning rod anywhere they want, but note that the lightning rod attracts all lightning bolts within an area of 64x64x64 in Minecraft Bedrock blocks and 32x4x32 blocks in Minecraft Java. It is this new block that will allow players to protect their buildings from fires caused by lightning in the rain.

light rod

Please note that players can place the lightning rod in any convenient direction. When thrown in the entity, a trident with the Stormbringer enchant creates lightning on the nearest lightning rod.

Also, we draw your attention to the fact that the new block Lightning Rod emits a Redstone signal when lightning strikes, which can be used to create new mechanisms.

How to use a lightning rod?

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