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Biome Expansion Add-on 1.17+

Biome Expansion Add-on

Are you tired of the usual biomes and want to visit new locations in Minecraft? Biome Expansion mod will come to help you. The mod adds new biomes, which you will have to visit and explore. If you are ready for adventure, then quickly install the add-on.

Gravel Beach
Contains layers of gravel
Biome Expansion Add-on 1.17+

Stone Beach
This beach is already in the game, but will now be generated more often
Consists of stone
Generated next to plains, savannas, extreme hills and dark forests

Regular river, but a little wider, deeper and with lilies on the water surface

Jungle Beach
Generated in the jungle
Consists of grass, bushes and flowers.

Tropical Island
Only consists of grass so far

New tree in the jungle biome
New tree for jungle

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