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Medieval Vanilla Expansion Add-on 1.18/1.17+/1.16+

Medieval Vanilla Expansion Add-on

The Medieval Vanilla Expansion mod adds a bit of medieval atmosphere to the world of Minecraft: goblins, trolls, knights, armor, weapons and more. You'll have to explore this world anew, starting from ordinary villages to castles. If you want to completely change the survival in the game, then use this add-on.

Love Silver
Wear silver swords
Medieval Vanilla Expansion Add-on 1.18/1.17+/1.16+

Drop: Knight's Sword
Can be hired through the mercenary knight realm

Has a guard
Drop: Crown

Spawn: At Night
High Damage

Good Witches

Resident Archer
Spawn: At Night
Attacks from afar

Netherworld Dweller
Spawn: everywhere
Trading Nether World items

Village Guards
Guarding the King

Tumbledown Skeleton

Pyglin Knight
Slow but strong

Pyglin Warden
Powerful Mob
Drop Hammer

Ender Pyglin
Can teleport
Wields adamantine items

Ruthless Ender Pyglin
Faster and stronger than its brethren



Castle Towers

Medieval wall

Adamantine, silver, titanium and bronze
Adamantine found only in the Region

Emerald Equipment

Knight Outfitters

Adamantine gear

Ender Dragon Scale Items

Silver Knife

Silver Sword

Bronze Equipment

Boss Hammer

Champion Shield

Titanium equipment

Miner's Helmet

Block of Titanium

Silver Block

Ender Dragon scale



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