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Azton's Vanilla Fantasy Add-on 1.19/1.18+/1.17+

Azton's Vanilla Fantasy Add-on

Azton's Vanilla Fantasy add-on offers to complicate the survival with new monsters. Fantasy creatures will appear in the game. Each got detailed models, textures, behavior and features. The addition contains a large number of monsters, which means you'll have a lot to explore.

Keep Knight
Azton's Vanilla Fantasy Add-on 1.19/1.18+/1.17+

Royal Guards

King Kronos

Queen Emera

Teutonic Knights


Goblin Warriors

Goblin Leader

Goblin Merchant






Shadow Walkers

Pure Souls

Fallen Guardian

Iron Vanguard

Armored Tower

Fire Dragon

Earth Statue


Weapon and Armor
Long steel sword
Steel Sword
Steel Armor
Titanium Armor
Large titanium sword
Titanium long sword
Titanium battle axe
Titanium pickaxe
Dragon scale armor
Dragon bone armor
Long sword of dragon bone
Long sword of flaming dragonbone
Reinforced Staff
Mythical Staff

Changes in the new version
Changed some features
Improved textures and mob models
Added armor
Modified armor
Tuned weapons
Added blocks and monsters
Temporarily disabled structures

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