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Kuntilanak Horror Map

Kuntilanak Horror Map

Kuntilanak is a ghost from Indonesia who died during childbirth. The ghost was once a woman, and the Kuntilanak Horror map will tell us about the relationship between the husband and this woman. The husband was afraid of responsibility for the child and ran away, and the woman decided to give birth. Unfortunately, she died in childbirth, as did the child. Her spirit has been wandering in Indonesia ever since, and now it has come to us in Minecraft. You will have to appease the ghost.


In this build you have to face the ghost and get out of the basement where you were hidden. You have to find 3 levers to get out of the house.

How does it work?
Each area has its own quest.

Find 3 levers, turn on the elevator and go up
Kuntilanak Horror Map

Old House.
Randy - the woman's husband - will give the assignment

Find the remains of a child in bloody footprints.

Bury a child in an empty coffin.

Changes in the new version
Fixed more than 15 bugs
Added sound effects
Reduced resolution

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