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Escape From Pocong Horror Map

Escape From Pocong Horror Map

Pocong is a ghost from Indonesia. It represents a corpse whose rope was forgotten to be removed during burial. Of course, this is where the ghost came from and now terrorizes all of Indonesia. Monster usually lives in banana plantations, where you will have to catch him on the map Escape From Pocong Horror. It's enough to remove the rope, so the ghost won't rage anymore in Minecraft.


One day you got lost in the woods and walked into a standing building. You didn't know it was haunted. The adventure begins the moment you get out of the house, thanks to the book you found.

The entire survival consists of five stages.

Haunted House
You have to get out of the house.
Escape From Pocong Horror Map

There's something wrong with this village.

Walk through the forest and banana groves to get to the cemetery.


Haunted house 2
Now you have to run away from the mob.

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