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5 Redstone Elevators Map

5 Redstone Elevators Map

Would you like to add a useful mechanism called the Elevator to your home or some other structure? An elevator is a very useful mechanism, or, as it is called, a type of hoisting machine, the task of which is to move goods and people on special platforms moving along rigid guides up or down. In order for you to go up to the second or tenth floor, you can use an elevator that simplifies the process and saves you time and effort. It's better than trudging up the stairs.

The new map presents the players with elevators, which, in turn, can be used in the future to build one of them in their world for their structures. If you do not know which elevator you would like to add to your world, then out of the five presented on this map you will definitely choose something for yourself. This is a new solution and a new experience for every player. Choose one of the five elevators below.

Elevator types

As mentioned earlier, here you can see five different types of Redstone elevators, each with a unique design and at the same time easy to use. Some of the elevators in the complex can have both pros and cons, let's look at the new elevators and their features in the Minecraft world:

1. Water: The advantage of this elevator is that it has a neat and sophisticated design. The disadvantages are that when the player is at a height, the player's movements can sometimes be intermittent. Elevator screenshot:

Water Elevator

2. Double Decker Piston Elevator: The pros are that it is very simple and the players can easily assemble and place it in their home. It also has an additional feature, namely the call button. Cons, only up to the second floor. Elevator screenshot:

2-floor Piston Elevator

3. Old school piston: Pros, fairly fast, and easy to build. Cons, if the player is not properly positioned, this elevator can get stuck. Elevator screenshot:

Old-school Piston Elevator

4. Flying modern: Pros, realistic elevator with call function. The downside is that the elevator is large enough and cannot be used (temporarily) for multi-storey buildings. Elevator screenshot:

Flying Machine Elevator

5. Flying multi-storey elevator: Pros, the elevator is designed for multi-storey buildings, realistic. Cons, if you look from the rear of the elevator, you can see the mechanisms that in general do not look very aesthetically pleasing, the capacity is only two players and there is no call function. Elevator screenshot:

Multi-floor Flying Machine Elevator

Choose an elevator and use it for your world!

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