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Micro Dirt House Map

Micro Dirt House Map

Would you like to discover a new map in which you have to open a small but very cute and comfortable house that consists entirely of a block of dirt? But it is worth starting from the most important thing, namely, with the fact that the player spawns first and in front of him will see a seemingly simple block of dirt, but this is not so, since as soon as you approach it, this block will take you right there to that very comfortable house which consists of dirt, inside which you can find enough resources to survive.

Also, the player can find a secret room or use the command blocks added inside the house. Below you can see screenshots of what the main room, pantry, kitchen, and bedroom look like:

Micro Dirt House (1)

Micro Dirt House (2)

Micro Dirt House (3)

Micro Dirt House (4)

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