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Remembrance Day Map

Remembrance Day Map

We present to your attention a very interesting world where everyone can remember the brave and valiant people who fought for freedom. These people previously fought in the great war, and therefore we can pay them tribute here. On this map, players can find a cemetery, fields with poppies, a museum with finds from the past, a special tower and even a book of soldiers.

This map is called Remembrance Day, as you already understood from the information above, for a reason.

This map will not let us forget about the people who gave their lives for our freedom. Much time has passed since the days of the great war, and this is the least we can do. By the way, the book of soldiers is located in Canada. As already mentioned in the game, you will find small fields with poppies, as well as a cemetery and a museum with relics of the time.

Features of Remembrance Day:

1. There are ticket booths (you can pay there only with emeralds);
2. Separate prices for children, adolescents, and adults. There is also a separate price for families;
3. A cemetery with 12 tombstones;
4. Watchtower;
5. Museum with relics.

Remembrance Day

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