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Nether Parkour Map

Nether Parkour Map

Introducing the exciting new Nether style map of parkour! This is a new parkour map for all players who really like parkour and who would like to develop or learn new skills. This is an enjoyable experience in which you have to go through the entire map from start to finish. In general, ten levels are available in the game to complete the game, at each of the presented levels you will have to make ten or more jumps. This map will appeal to both experienced players and beginners. The difficulty of each level will change from the first to the tenth, with each subsequent level the game will become more difficult.

Also, below you can see screenshots of some places on the new map:

Nether Parkour (1)

Nether Parkour (2)

Nether Parkour (3)

Attention: We ask you to play honestly, without using cheats or breaking blocks! Have a great time on a new parkour adventure.

For those who are still not sure of their parkour skills or have very little experience, we recommend using the Creative mode of the game, so that if you fall, you can climb back to the block from which you fell.

Another useful feature of this map is checkpoints!

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