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Friday The 13Th Map

Friday The 13Th Map

Really fascinating map for those who like horror movies and games. It was created based on the famous movie “Friday the 13th”! Please note that there will be only half of the plot from the camp, most of the storyline has been changed, as well as the map itself and the structure which in themselves will already be unique.


You, as the main character, will play for the leader of a group of archaeologists, Daniel. All events will take place in the famous GonnaGetcha camp, it is there that you gathered with your team. The purpose of your visit: to refute or confirm rumors about this place. While exploring the area, you found SOMETHING coming out of the lake! In fear, your team leaves this place and starts to run towards the van, but on the spot, you find that your tank is empty and your battery is low. Your new goal is to survive, find gasoline and a battery that are scattered in different places on the map! Who is the first to find what he needs, you, your battery and gas, or SOMETHING will find YOU!

Friday The 13Th Map screenshot (1)

Friday The 13Th Map screenshot (2)

Friday The 13Th Map screenshot (3)

Friday The 13Th Map screenshot (4)

Game purpose

The player’s main goal is to find gasoline (8 cans *) and another car battery to get out of GonnaGetcha camp alive! When you find the keys or canister, just come close to pick them up. The character picks up things automatically while being near them. In order to survive, you can also hide behind trees from your enemy or by running through houses.


To make it easier to play and see better in the dark, we recommend that you set the screen brightness to 100%! On this map, you can play not only a solo game but also with your friends in multiplayer mode. It is expected to be updated soon.

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