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The Bridge Map

The Bridge Map

Would you like to play some fun and dynamic PvP game with your friends? If yes, then we present you with a new PvP map called Bridge! This is a new interesting PvP map for you and your friends where you need to score points to win. You can do this on the enemy island, which will be located opposite yours.

In order for you to get a point, you need to get to your opponent's island and jump to the center, to a special place, after which you will receive one point.

It will not be easy, since there is only one road to this island, this is a bridge, namely a bridge that you yourself will build. Use weapons and all possible methods to stop your enemies and get to the opposite island. This map is also useful for a new experience in PvP battles.

The first team to score five points wins the game.

We also draw your attention to the fact that the maximum number of players is four. Two players from one team and two players from the other.

The Bridge Map (1)
The Bridge Map (2)
The Bridge Map (3)
The Bridge Map (4)

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