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Among Us Map Builder

Among Us Map Builder

Have you ever played or at least heard about a new popular game called Among Us? If yes, and you know what kind of game it is, then the new one will be interesting to you. The new map allows players to create their own map Among Us. Create unique different levels Among Us in the Minecraft world and have fun with your friends.

This map also allows players to choose one of seven available characters of different colors.


Colored suits:

  • White;
  • Yellow;
  • Red;
  • Blue;
  • Green;
  • Black;
  • Purple.

Ship workers

In addition to the seven-colored costumes, seven new block types will also be available in the game to help you customize the levels for your game.

Buttons for ship

Features of the new map

On this map, such features are available as:

1. Automatic system of Win and Lose;
2. Automatic start of the game;
3. Selection of available colors;
4. One world and several maps;
5. Notifications about kills.

In the future, such functions will be added to the game as:

1. Voting system;
2. Tasks.

At the moment, such tasks as the ability to manually give all available items, killing pigs, and others are available. Use the special /function command followed by the text: crewmates_win, after each task you run.

Voting is also still only in manual mode. Using the /kill command, players can kill a specific player.

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