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Flappy Pig Map

Flappy Pig Map

Do you know the game Flappy Bird? Would you like something similar in the Minecraft world? If so, then the new Flappy Pig map will definitely interest you.

This is a very fascinating and interesting game that you can play together with your friends, competing to see who will get the most points. As in Flappy Bird, players need to control a flying pig in order to avoid various obstacles in the form of flying chickens.

Here you will find hostile chickens who will try to hit you, support for a multiplayer mode for a better experience and fun hanging out with friends, unique location design, and a scoreboard with player points.

The score is updated after each game round.

Flappy Pig Map (1)

Flappy Pig Map (2)

Flappy Pig Map (3)

Flappy Pig Map (4)

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