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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft on Android

The developers have released a new beta version of Minecraft on Android. In this update, the developers have fixed bugs and made changes.

Fixed bugs
Fixed 33 bugs. Details:
Fixed errors when replacing Bedrock with Deepslate
Light blocks is placed on other Light blocks when Crouching
Fixed glitches when trading Maps with Cartographer
Fixed long food effects
Bottle of Honey removes the Poison Effect
Chorus Fruit again teleports when eaten
Fixed the camera shift bug on the Boats
Camera shifts to the right after death
Optimized boundaries of the Lava model
Improved Grass Path textures
Tuned Oak Door's textures name
Fixed Parrot's textures
Improved Watermelon and Beetroot seed textures
Removed pixels in Cocoa Bean textures.
Improved Smooth Stone textures in Armor Rack
Removed horizontal lines on Wood and Iron doors
Removed the texture elements of the Witch, the Vindicator, and the Summoner
Changed textures of Red and Blue glass panel
Changed the color of the hammer in the Anvil menu
Improved the textures of the Dark Oak Boards in the Cartographer's Table
Improved the textures of the Spruce Planks at the bottom of the Barrel
Upgraded the textures of the Boards at the bottom of the Lectern
Corrected mismatches between the bright areas of Gold and Diamond armor
Removed unnecessary pixels in Carrot textures
Back textures of Axolotle have been shifted to the center
Updated the upper part of the Glass Panel textures
Fixed the upper textures of Dark Oak Tree
Updated the Dark Oak Knobbed Wood textures
Fixed the ray tracing of End Crystal
Fixed the display of Drowners textures on devices with RenderDragon
Slugs attacking Snow Golems again
Player Model does not block the interface when flying on Elytras
The "Invite to play" button is disabled if the server is full

Technical Changes
Added 11 technical changes for addon development and testing. Most interesting:
Enabled RenderDragon on all Android devices

Minecraft PE for Android

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