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Minecraft 1.14.0 for Android

Minecraft 1.14.0 for Android

At the last Minecon-2019, developers presented a large number of innovations. Mojang has released a new version of Minecraft 1.14.0. The players have already called this update as Honey Version of the game, and why we will discuss below. Also in the new update, players will meet new little friends called bees. Yes, many players could already see them in Java version of the game for PC, this time this honey update is also available for Android devices. Also, below you will see in the pictures everything that will be presented and has been added in the new Minecraft 1.14.0 for Android update.

What appeared in Minecraft Bedrock 1.14.0?

Let's take a look at the new Mob Bee.

This is a neutral and small mob that can attack you only if you manifest aggression towards them, that is, they attack only in response. A bee can die only if it attacks its enemy and leaves its sting in it. After that, after some time, namely from 50 to 60 seconds, the bee dies.

Bee Features

— They are afraid of water;
— Collect pollen from flowers;
— Hiding in hives/nests during rain;
— Bees sleep at night;
— Angry bees have red eyes;
— Pollinate other plants;
— Take the collected pollen to a hive or nest;
— Follow the player with flowers in their hands.

What is a hive/nest?

A bee nest is a bee house. It will appear automatically after loading the world. You can get it using the tool Silk touch.

A beehive is a bee house. The player can get this house for bees only by crafting. For its construction, the player will need six boards and three bee honeycombs.

How to collect honey?

Bees have their own work, they love it very much and to which they are happy to go every day. After collecting pollen, they replenish their houses, whether it is a beehive or a nest. All houses have their maximum capacity level, this is 5. The level of honey inside their houses increases from 0 to 5. Players from filled hives can collect 3 bee honeycombs using scissors, as well as a bottle of honey using a bottle.

Honeycomb and a bottle of honey

A honeycomb is an item that a player receives from beehives and nests using scissors. In the future, you can use it to craft honeycomb blocks and hives.

A honey bee bottle is an item that a player receives from beehives and nests using a glass bottle. After consumption, the player can clear himself of the harmful effects and effects of poisoning, as well as restore 6 units of hunger.

Honeycomb block

This new type of block does not have a specific purpose. The player can use it as he wants. You can craft it using 4 honeycombs and then use it as a decoration. For example, a player can use these blocks to decorate his apiary.

Honey block

The honey block can be crafted using 4 bottles of honey.

Features of the honey block:

— Reduces walking speed;
— Reduces the height of the jump;
— Reduces fall damage by 80%;
— The player can go down the honey blocks from top to bottom;
— Mobs often bypass honey blocks.

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