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Minecraft PE for Android [Release]

Minecraft on Android

The developers have released a new release of Minecraft on Android. In this update, the developers have fixed bugs and made changes. Most of them were carried over from the test versions. We have listed the main ones.

Experimental mode
Added a setting - "Experiments with a clean version". Activates blocks and items from the Wild Update:
Goat Horn
Sculk vein
Sculk screamer
Sculk catalyst
Acoustic sensor

Back up your worlds before activating the mode.

In-Game Achievements
Added 4 new achievements. Details:
"Caves and Cliffs" - Survive a fall from the highest point of the world to the lowest
"Feels like home" - Take a long journey on the Stryder in the Overworld
"Sound of Music" - Launch the Music Block on the Meadows
"Star Trader" - Trade with a villager at the build height limit

Introduced 30 changes:
The highest point of the world is Y=320, the lowest is Y=64
Old worlds are updated with new heights and world generation
Transitions between biomes and landscapes are smoother
The height of the landscape does not depend on the biome
For example, deserts appear on top of hills
Mountains are generated up to heights Y=256
Added 3D biomes
Generated right below the surface
Added biomes from previous betas
Changed ore distribution by heights
Added ore veins
"Old" worlds work without the features of version 1.18

Made 18 changes. Important:
Monsters only spawn in total darkness
Changed game files location
Added Music and Musical Discs

Fixed bugs
Fixed 66 bugs. Most of the test versions. New:
Increased Realm upload and download timeouts to 15 minutes
Fixed the disappearance of mobs from chunks

Technical changes
Added 14 technical changes for addon development and testing in Minecraft.

The developers are working on fixing bugs.
Experimental "Create custom biomes" feature does not work in the release
Worlds will be unstable when activated
Seeds spawns the player in the wrong places

Update trailer

Minecraft PE for Android [Release]

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