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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft on Android. They added Sculk Blocks, experimental features, made 5 changes and fixed 31 bugs.

Experimental Features.
We've added an experimental mode called "Vanilla Experiments". When enabled, will appear in the game:
Sculk Blocks
Goat's horn
New caves will be generated on old worlds
Darkness Effect
New effect that dims the screen for a while. Activate with command: /effect @s darkness

Sculk Blocks
Added blocks from the Deep Darkness biome. Most likely the blocks will not appear in 1.18, but you can test them now.
Decorative block
Has no use for it yet.
Sculk Screamer.
Connects to the Acoustic Sensor.
Makes scary noises
If stepped on or acted upon, a darkness effect is superimposed
Doesn't work very well yet
Sculk strand.
Attaches to any facet of the unit
Sculk catalyst.
When a nearby mob dies, part of the blocks under the corpse will turn into Sculk and Sculk strands

For lovers of tunes have made an update. Read more:
Added music from Lena Raine and Kumi Tanioka to the survival and main menu
For smartphones, you'll need to download a music pack from the In-game Marketplace
Added an "otherside" record from Lena Raine
Sometimes appears in the chests of the Fortress corridor, or even more rarely in the chests of the Treasure Troves

Made five changes to the game. Important:
Added a new way to place items in Minecraft
New random number generator to generate the world
Raid health bar decreases when taking damage anywhere
Optimized ore generation
Xbox Live has been renamed to Xbox

Fixed 24 bugs.
Removed "Old" type of generation when creating worlds
"Old" worlds are created only before v1.17.40
"Old" worlds work without 1.18 features
When destroying a Fire with a Piston or explosion appears 2 Charcoal
Block of Light is immune to TNT or Creeper explosion
Glowing lichen does not appear at the bottom of the ocean or above ground
Fortresses are not generated in the air in large caves
Magma appears underwater or in Aquifers for lighting
Villages replace fewer blocks when generating
Fixed interaction between player spawn and Structural Block
Fixed the ability to X-ray vision in blocks below level zero
Fireball is not consumed when lighting Candle, Candle Cake, Bonfire, portal activation, or already burning blocks
Fixed the interaction of weather and blocks above level Y=255
Fixed the destruction and fallout of Paintings when loading the world
Residents always follow mode
Fixed a bug with plants staying in the Pot
Planting Lamas does not change after taming
Tropical fish spawn in Warm Oceans again
Fixed glitches during the game
Fixed glitches when loading chunks
Fixed crashing when moving through portals with tamed pets

Technical Changes
Added only one new feature:
Improved the /clone command

Can't find worlds
The old worlds are not gone. To make them appear in the new version need:
Copy the "minecraftWorlds" folder from /games/com.mojang/
Into the /Android/com.mojang.minecraftpe/files/games/com.mojang/ folder.

To do this, use the File Manager. You can download from Google play, if there is no standard.

Minecraft PE for Android

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