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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

Developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. The update added Allay, the Darkness Effect and a new interface. Changed Sculk Blocks and fixed 21 bugs.

New Mob. Winner of a vote on Minecraft Live 2021.
So far appears when you turn on Experimental mode.
Picks up items and looks for similar ones
Can leave behind related items near the Music Block
Follows the user while holding an item from the user
If the Music Block plays nearby, the mob will leave items next to it for 30 seconds instead of bringing it to the player
Mob gives the player all items from his inventory
Sometimes spawns in cages next to the Pillager Outpost and the Forest Mansion

Deep Dark
Upgraded Sculk Blocks. No Warden yet, but the developers have promised an appearance soon. Changes are displayed when you turn on the Experimental mode.

Sculk Catalyst
A mysterious unit that emits souls. Interesting:
Activates upon the death of mobs within a radius of 8 blocks.
No experience can be gained from nearby dead creatures.
A charge will appear at the place of the mob's death.
The charge passes through Sculk Blocks and turns normal blocks into Sculk
The strength of the charge depends on the amount of experience you get from the killed mob
Each time you transform a block, it costs 1 power charge
The charge fades over time
The speed of the disappearance depends on the distance to the Sculk-catalyst
If the charge disappears within 4 blocks of a Sculk Catalyzer, it may turn into an Acoustic Sensor or a Sculk Shrieker
Charges are combined upon encounter.

Acoustic Sensor
Added 2 changes for Java and Bedrock equality:
No activation sound when flooded
Wool block protects against vibrations

Darkness effect
Unique effect for Warden and Sculk Shrieker.
Affects nearby players
Decreases the brightness of the world.
Almost drowns out light sources during ripples
For a player under this effect, Torches will be incredibly important (especially when Varden shows up)

New Controls
Added a new control option on devices. To turn it on, you need to:
Go to settings.
Select "Touch".
Click on "Enable New Touch Control Schemes"

Fixed 21 bugs.
Improved spawn of Iron Golems and Cats
Scaffolding cannot be placed without a supporting block at Y=0 level
Fixed fire spreading when the FiretTick rule is changed
Shulker can create his copy when hit by a Shulker projectile
Improved the animation of raising items by mobs
Ifrit's fire projectile discards on hit
Fixed generation of leaves on Acacia tree below Y=0 level
Mobs no longer spawn on the Bonfire
Fixed the generation of Glowing Lichen
Changed setting of Glowing Lichen, Torch and Red Dust:
Can no longer be set on the Fryer Rack
Can be set on Hatch.
Glowing Lichen can be set on Leaves
Azaleas and Lilies can no longer be broken by the flow of water
Commands do not work for players in all dimensions
Acoustic Sensor and Magma Unit glow weakly in the dark
Fixed the display of the disabled "Invite" button
Villagers do not bargain when burning

Technical Changes
Added 8 technical changes for addon development and testing in Minecraft.

Minecraft PE for Android

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