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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. Improved Spectator Mode, made 19 changes and fixed 54 bugs. They also made four technical changes.

Experimental Mode
Introduced 2 updates to Spectator Mode
In Spectator Mode, you cannot get effects from gameplay.
Effects can only be applied via commands
Spectator with the "Bad Omen" effect does not trigger raids

Version match
Made 4 changes to match Bedrock with Java. Important:
Improved the Nether World portal exit
Dirty mangrove roots break faster with a shovel
Mangrove roots break faster with an axe
Upgraded the Ancient City structures

Made 15 changes. Basic:
Mobs and blocks save information after saving and loading the world
Acoustic sensor reacts to:
Using the Trunk in the Boat Trunk
Adding or removing liquid (gives a Level 12 and 13 Redstone signal)
Drinking Milk
Picking up Rough Snow
Movement in the Rough Snow and Cobwebs
Acoustic sensor does not react to:
Player Actions on the Carpet
Falling Wool or Rug
Jumping on Wool covered with Sculk Sensors
Immobile creature on Scaffolding
Armor on Mobs when spawned
Mangrove Sprout gained Grass Sounds
Wandering Trader and Villagers flee from Zoglins
Cause of death is shown on the death screen

Fixed 54 bugs
Wool does not pass vibration to Acoustic Sensor from all sides
Warden is spawning on most incomplete blocks (Slabs, Snow Layer, and others)
Warden's sonic attack ignores protection from Armor enchantments
Sculk Shrieker does not summon a Warden underwater
Mangrove Sprout is not destroyed by flowing water
Fixed the generation of structures in the Ancient City
Improved the generation of Sculk Sensors
Mangrove foliage stacks in one slot when mined with Silk Touch
Stripped Mangrove Logs turns into Stripped Mangrove Wood
Fixed the display of Mangrove Sprout in Flowerpot
Sweet berry bush is planted on Dirt, Dirty Mangrove Roots, and Root Ground
Melting Iron or Gold tools into Nuggets gives experience
Fixed the Soulfire tags
Creatures do not disappear when transferring worlds from console versions
Fixed removal of creatures after teleportation to unloaded chunks
Fixed a glitch when throwing a Trap into any Portal
Hitbox recovers after death in water
Wooden tools are repaired by Mangrove, Crimson, and Warped boards
Fixed infinite loading when entering the dressing room
Fixed Emotions in the Dressing Room
Faster expansion and transitions between fog biomes in water
Fixed animations when splitting the screen
Creating fog with negative start values does not colorize interface elements
In-game market product rating percentages are shown correctly
Fixed the display of buttons and information on downloaded skin packs
Wandering Trader drinks milk to remove invisibility effect
Wither breaks Obsidian when attempting to attack the player
Wither correctly blows up surrounding blocks
Hands are displayed correctly when using Cards
Moved the main menu button when the player dies
Fixed the position of the tooltips on the death screen when using a gamepad
On template worlds, achievements are disabled
Fixed items being thrown away when using Furnace, Stone cutters, and other blocks
Fixed text positioning in some windows
Updated the look of the touch control joystick
Minecraft won't crash if you leave the game while teleporting to another dimension
Fixed a crash when a player dies under the "Withering" effect

Technical Changes
Added 4 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft PE for Android

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